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Our Story

About Rehman Enterprises

Rehman Enterprises, founded over 3 Generations ago by Haji Molan, is one of the leading Rug manufacturers in Afghanistan. Born in Afghanistan to a family that produced and traded quality carpets for generations, then the Son of Haji Molan Mr. Abdul Shakoor moved to the Afghan capital, Kabul, in late 1960 and ventured into Pakistan in the mid 70's setting up a showroom in Lahore with his Son Abdul Ghaffar. While the family business flourished in Lahore, Abdul Ghaffar decided to move beyond carpet trading to carpet manufacturing. As the popularity of hand-made carpets produced with vegetable dyes grew in the Europe, Rehman Enterprises began exporting over 3 million dollars worth of carpets every year since 2000 to the Turkey, Europe and US.

Who We Are ?


International buyers and customers have always been attracted to fine quality, hand-knotted woolen carpets as they are representative of the inherent style and traditions corresponding to various places across the globe. Additionally, these rugs, produced by our expert designers and weavers, are known for their unmatched durability, quality and finish. Carpet connoisseurs in US, Europe and Turkey are more than satisfied with our wool and the authentic approach of the methods utilized by our artisans.
Our use of vegetable dyes made from walnuts, pomegranates, flowers, and onions reflect the ethnic diversity of the country, therefore, creating a distinctive upgrade to the appearance of any place or setting. The superior quality of the materials and complexity of the design process affects the time required to create these special rugs increasing their value as collectibles of the future. This unique art has been passed down through generations producing the finest quality carpets at the best prices. Our strong point is utilizing our exclusive washing process creating an antique appearance to each rug of more than 100 years old.